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  1. My apologies, Ive been busy and if you still need some tickets, I just mailed you T2 reset tickets Check your Rodex on you Paladin with IGN: Zeuss Gene Uwu. Enjoy
  2. Oh man, how can I take your opinion in a negative way when all of what you've said were constructive criticism/feedback? I'm more honoured to know a veteran player's point of view since I've only been here for more or less than a month. 3rd job alt quest - I'm off on Monday next week, can I get a leech? AHAHA. I have no one to do it with and I rarely summon Naght Sieger through Bloody Branch and it's pissing me off, especially if I have limited time to play unless it's my off days. Not sure what timezone you are on but im sure we can work something out. Im in -6 GMT @alootid - Yes, I mean @autolootaro is such a massive help, I'm more leaning onto other materials that's out of the ordinary for example: Resist potions, cold meds, and other mats for vanilla quests. And @savelootid sounds great for a command. Nice! I guess yea for woe supplies it might be good but I would say it all depends how much varieties you're trying to loot Item Weight Reduction - To be honest, I suggested this because my default @autoloot is at 10% (which I believe is for cards, isn't?) but sometimes, when monster drops an equipment it always go to my inventory and since I enabled @security for security reasons, I cannot drop them so I'd have to @go 0 and sell them off by using the sell function of the Gold Room NPC. Use @aloottype +6. this is specific for cards only Gym Pass - Maybe what I suggested was a bit excessive but nonetheless, having higher weight capacity for jobs with 1 STR is a blessing. Trust me, ahaha. Fair enough but yea, 1hr WoE I had enough supplies with my 1str chars. But i guess depends what you are bringing Private/In house MVP Room - That's true, you're right. With that said, having the card looted be account bound would solve that problem. What do you think? The main purpose of renting system is to guide and help newbies to make them stronger and confident enough to try and get the MVPs through the normal method or using BBs. Although we have Solo Pack, etc. Some of them does not come in groups to claim Guild Packs to further help them grow. Account bound is a great idea. But I think not all mvps should be there. Since that could/can take away the "fun" of actually waiting for respawn time of natural spawn MvPs. And will/can affect market price of the said cards above. Anti-Donation Snipers - I knew it won't be everyone's cup of tea since having that title has its own merits (bragging rights ahahaha) that's why I suggested for it to have a toggle feature. Whoever wants it out there, can do so. But for some who doesn't, there's an option without having to sacrifice the buff benefits of those titles. Hmm sure, wont really comment on this one. But yea NPC Alicia NPC costumes - Worth a try, since not everyone had the chance to be part of that event. And more so, if some donators are playing casually and just collecting costumes more than PVP or WOE. And I believe Mysterious Token is somewhat almost gone in the servers' economy. Ahaha *cries* There will be more limited costumes in the future NPC Domeng - Same answer as above, hehe! Same Same NPC Disguise Event (veil) - I fully understand what you're saying here. Not everyone has the time to do that. And buying from people feels like it's just a waste of time too unless you'd give in to their ridiculous pricing. When most just open 5+ clients, wait for showers and boom. Not everyone has the time to do Disguise event? I guess so, I mean, I usually able to attend probably 1 or 2 events per day due to work schedule. Isn't Event Tickets still 1k:200ac conversion? Well, this was my pricing when I was selling mine (sold probably 25k? haha) NEW NPC for mid and lower - I don't think so. An additional 250k per game is nothing at the moment. We've had x3 (which was not turned off in the allocated time frame) and on top of that, an x5 (which was a little over the time frame). Plus people are buying Mithril coins for a ratio of 1:3-5ac; Do you know how many caps you can get from that? I know, I've done tried it. For 1B you can get 15-20 caps. And people are selling those caps for 3-5ac EACH. lol. That's a profit right there. So I don't think it will affect the costume price in the vending area. Hmm, MC is about 3-5cv ea right? so if it costs more to do a claw gamble, it will increase its market value for the said items. For ie: garment costume before only costs 50AC ea. But then after an update where we could embed stones to them, price increase drastically to 150AC average. This alone tripled the same item for the same quest mats. So the way I see it, in 1B you get 20 caps (4k tries because 250k per gamble) and lets say 5ac ea thats 100ac right? so if 1B zeny is 10 caps (2k tries with 500k per gamble) with you will only get half of what it was before right? since price is doubled (theoretically). PS. Im not a veteran Im still pretty new to the server
  3. Did you just say that LK and Pally are non tanky classes?
  4. You need some? I got tons that I dont use Let me know.
  5. Here's my opinion on this. 3rd job alt quest - we killed Naght Sieger in ET. We did 4 chars ( to make it worth it )at a time and finished in maybe 30-40mins? give or take. Because right now I see that the ET is only being used on this quest. ( I could be wrong ). @alootid - I think it is just fair to have it reset when you log out. Since most quest mats are ARO anyway and we do have @autolootaro. But not a bad idea regardless. We can have a @savelootid command or something. Item Weight Reduction - Not sure what you're trying to reach 30k for other than AC, GMT coins, Etickets, MVPcoins since they dont really have weight Gym Pass - I think extra 2k weight limit is already enough. During WoE on my GS/HW/SPP, I have enough supplies to last for the whole WoE duration and im not using the 1hour buff supplies Since there are aruna elixir boxes and cold med boxes anyway. I dont mind the extra 5k weight limit but I just think it is too much. Private/In house MVP Room - We do have Mvp warper, but if the mvp is not there yes, BB is our only choice but then if ALL mvps can be in private/inhouse/guild mvp room, this could affect the market of the MVP cards. I guess this will depend on what mvp actually spawns here. Such as Pyuriel, Kades etc. Anti-Donation Snipers - IF you are for ie: platinum supporter, you can claim all other titles that are below your current title. So if you are using your alt characters, gold/silver/bronze etc title can be selected and only your "main" equips the platinum. But the way I see it, and some people may not agree. If you donated to a server, be proud NPC Alicia NPC costumes - If costumes will be available to other future NPCs, the "limited" edition and "rarity" of the costumes will lessen. NPC Domeng - If dragon scroll and/or mysterious tokens become available here, same as stated above, rarity and having the costumes limited edition will be no more. NPC Disguise Event (veil) - 5 event tickets each for 20monsters is 100et. And it is every 2 hours. The one in prontera gives 10ET for 10 monsters totalling 100 ET as well. I have not been able to track every how many hours this event happens in Prontera. For international players, I say the disguise event is a freebie because not a lot of players are online at this time. NEW NPC for mid and lower - I think this would be a great idea. To spend zeny to other costumes other than upper. But if price increases on the claw machine, wont this affect our current garment costume price in vending area? Please dont take my opinion in a negative way because overall I love the suggestions. Definitely worth discussing with other members and staffs
  6. Gaming Device: PC Internet Service Provider: Valley Fiber Location: Central Canada Proxy Used: Canada / USA Remarks: Both runs smooth, only difference is I can check ping on USA and Canada is being blocked
  7. Deviant

    LHZ Cards

    Im confused from your replies as before you said " still the server is lacking on LHZ Cards". And on your latest post you said "We do not lack LHZ Cards". So idk about this. I think the cards were being "hoarded" or maybe just being held off because some players just lowballs it. Thats why they would rather keep it than sell it. Like from my previous post, someone offered me 4T for WSc, thats not even an LKc value. From my reply couple months back, LHZ will/should keep its value. But not appreciate like crazy from my intial post. But now from what it looks like is players are trying to buy them at just a portion of its value.
  8. Deviant

    LHZ Cards

    I dont believe that the server is "Lacking" LHZ cards. There are tons out there. Just people now are just trying to bargain them for almost not worth its value ( I was offered 4T for my WSc ). At the same time, someone offered me Sinx, HpC + 3token for the WSc. I think it all depends of the demand/need of the player. Also it shouldnt be way overpriced as well as stated on my initial post. I think all we need is just a baseline of the prices. Which I believe where our discord channel "price check" kicks in. Where the previous sold card/item price is posted. But still, players can refer to this as a baseline. Ie: before WSc was being sold at 10T and once I saw at 12T. But from the price check channel wsc was sold at 8tokens at one time or so according to a seller. All depends if its being sold rushed or just whatever.
  9. So this will be a whole new "token" item? Similar to donators token that you can use to obtain equips and cards? But it will be a "farmable" type of token?
  10. Deviant

    hi po

    Welcome to Aruna Drop you IGN so we can welcome you ingame also.
  11. Deviant

    LHZ Cards

    I think this might be overpriced if its 200-300cv per BCA. As amrita(viridiscent) vends around 75-90cv plus the 70% chance to get 70cv as well (for Tier A). So maybe 100-125cv per BCA is a fair price? or 1000-1250 cash points in donation shop. Farming is still gonna be some work but atleast for people who dont have that much time to farm can have a chance to open a BCA and get a chance to obtain purple cards.
  12. Good work Dev1, Admin and GMs. Atleast it has been prevented before more players discovers the bug and abuse it. Well played. Now we can enjoy an even MORE balanced gameplay
  13. Deviant

    Mini Tombs

    I find it really helpful when I do see a tomb for the MvP being laid out upon death, can we also do a mini tomb for mini bosses? Might help out some players on wasted time searching when mini mvp didnt respawn yet. Just a thought....
  14. Deviant

    LHZ Cards

    Hoping other sellers/buyers give input as well so we can actually discuss the matter with variety of perspective.
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