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  1. Hello Everyone , We added HongKong Proxy server, All users that are experiencing lag on SG1/SG2 Servers should use the HK1 Proxy that should give you better playing experience.
  2. 1. Pet Evolution System[BETA] - Integrated Renewal Pet evolution system. Pet Friendly Rate increased to 300% faster Refer to this link: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Cute_Pet_System This feature is not yet 100% integrated some taming items are not yet available in shop, Consider this a beta version. 2. General Changes Tier Enchantment - Added Tidung(ITEMID#15032) on the list of enchantable items. - Added Bangungot instance cooldown reset option in the instance manager
  3. Devjuan

    Donation Guide

    Link like donate link, or invoice? pm me on discord so we can find alternatives, i know some paypal users in japan cannot send money sometimes add: vaizel.cross#0044
  4. Devjuan


    Hello welcome to our server , hope you like our community
  5. Devjuan

    LHZ Cards

    this one is the topic of our community right now, we will include this in our meeting
  6. A.S.S revamped! New A.S.S Mvp's ~ Bathode - Tier S - Ignores Range Attacks ~ Thalongtos - Tier SS - Ignore Magic Attacks New A.S.S Offering's (available on CEDI NPC) ~ Cerulean Amrita - Tier S offering ~ Scarlet Amrita - Tier SS offering ASS Mechanics ~ All Nectars & Amrita are now Tradable. ~ All Bio Samples are now Tradable. ~ Primodial Bakonawa is now smarter and stronger Ass Rewards: Added New Chrome Quest Item The Thalong Sword
  7. Here on forums. Use https://imgur.com for uploading pictures and link it here
  8. Grand Raffle Event! Anniversary Special! Win Cash Prizes and In-Game Items on this raffle! Up to 10k Worth of Cash, Prize Pool and 20k Worth of Items, Prize pool We will have lots winners until our Prize pool is depleted! How to join? ~ Submit your fansign with "Happy 1 Year ArunafeltzRO" to gain an entry slot on Grand Raffle ~ Maximum of 1 Entry per person ~ Follow the submission format ~ Fan sign must be handwritten, printed or be creative as long as NO EDITING of picture to make sure the fan sign picture was specifically taken for this event. ~ All submissions must be on this forums! (just reply on this post) Fansign Submission Format: In-Game Name: Discord ID: Game Unique ID: ~Character Screenshot with Game Unique ID ~Selfie Picture with the fansign "Happy 1 Year ArunafeltzRO" Note: ~ Game Unique ID is Generated per device/pc. ~ You can get your Game Unique ID on the Raffle NPC in veil 124 88 SUBMISSION EXAMPLE: In-Game Name: Helsinki Discord ID: - 7th GOD#6336 Game Unique ID: 1535701609 Character Screenshot with Unique ID: Fansign Picture: Rules & Additional Note: ~ By Submitting your picture you are giving ArunafeltzRO the rights to post it on our Social Media. ~ The Game Masters have the power to choose what raffle type to use on each round. ~ GM's will announce how the prize pool will be divided before each draw/round. ~ If you cheat on this raffle by submitting multiple entries you will be disqualified! ~ Deadline of submissions is until January 5, 2022 | Before the start of the raffle at 10pm
  9. Hello, close the app then clear cache. That will allow you to see the enchants again
  10. Maze Runner Event! Idea by Helsinki Script by Dev1 This event can be activated & hosted manually by a GM The aim of this event is to reach the finish line ahead of other players! Mechanics: 1. To participate on this even you must be Level 1 novice! 2. No items is allowed (you cannot bring items inside) 3. Killing the zombies can give you 1 Speed Potion & 1 Aruna Potion 4. If you die you will only go back to the starting point 5. There will be top 3 winners each round of this game announce by the NPC upon reaching the Finish line! 6. The map layout is HIDDEN ingame so mobile and pc users can compete fairly. Memorize the layout because you wont see them ingame Thats all and Good Luck arunians!
  11. UPD8 RGB DOLDI 1. Skill Changes Cart Termination - [Added Formula] Increase 1% Cart Termination Damage for every 10 Strength. - Increase Damage of skill Cart Termination when Soul Linked by 80% (From 50%) Arrow Vulcan - Increase skill damage damage by +30% 2. General Changes SHOPS - Added T1 Power Stone on [Bring Me Event] NPC's Dragon Valley - Decreased Dragon Spawn Time Veil Town - New Veil Town Design Geffen Town - New Geffen Town Design 3. Vending Quality of life improvements - Added new command @whosell to search vending items - Added Store Catalogues to search vending items, This can be bought at Tool Dealer Dont forget to patch your clients before playing!
  12. 1. Maximum Guild Cap adjusted from 24 to 18. 2. Skill Adjustments Global Afterskill walk Delay (All skills are affected by this) - Decrease from 300ms to 150ms. Swordsman ~ Magnum Break - Decrease Aftercast Delay from 1000ms to 250ms (reduceable by kiel) Hunter ~ Soul Linked - Decrease Aftercast Delay by 20% when linked. These are some minor and some experimental changes that i have implemented along the Guild Cap maintenance.
  13. Devjuan

    Donation Guide

    Black Friday Donation Promo! Donation Promo: For every 10$/500php Donation you will get additional 2000 GMT Coins, 500 Event Tickets & 7 Day VIP Pass Donation Credits Promo: +20% Credits Voucher on 1k+ donate +30% Credits Voucher on 2k+ +40% Credits Voucher on 3k+ Donation Extra Bonus: 1k donation: 3 Token 2k donation: 6 Token 3k donation: 9 Token 4k donation: 12 Token 5k donation: 15 Token
  14. Item "Eaters" / Rerolls for Castle Drop and Power Stones - These Eaters can convert your items to points and you can use those points to roll a power stone / castle drop. Power Stone Eater NPC (Near Aver De Dosh NPC) You will be Needing 10 Stone Points + 1 Mithril to buy a random Power Stone Stone Pts. Table Castle Drop Eater (Near WOE Shop NPC) You will be Needing 10 Stone Points + 1 Mithril to buy a random Castle Drop Each castle drop eaten will give you 7 Castle Drop Pts.
  15. Extended Storage System [Storage Dao NPC] (Location: veil 101 94) Enables up to 7 additional storage shared between characters in 1 account. IF you unlock all 7 Storages you will receive View Full Update Details Here:
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